Most people experience teeth soreness for a few days after starting each new stage.This  is  totally  normal and  indicates  that  the  aligners  exert orthodontic force on your teeth.The pain will gradually disappear in the following days. If it doesn’t, please contact immediately

Probably yes, but only during the first 1~3 days. Your speech will gradually go back to normal as your tongue gets used to having the aligners in your mouth.

After wearing the aligners, some people may feel dry mouth and nausea, which is normal. It will gradually disappear in the following days. If you feel  strong nausea, please immediately contact 123-align@123-align.com

It is contraindicated to sink your aligners in hot water, toothbrush-cleaning is suitable for daily maintenance. Meanwhile, we recommend no to drink hot water when wearing the aligners to avoid deformation of the aligners, since it may affect the treatment effect.

We discourage smoking cigarette/E-cigarette while wearing the aligners as it may stain the aligners. 

In the event that your aligners are lost or broken, please contact 123-align@123-align.com immediately.

Please do not worry about your broken aligners, this is an inevitable small probability phenomenon in invisible treatment , you should contact
123-align@123-align.com immediately.

Chewies can make the aligners fit to your teeth better, thus it is essential in treatment, and we recommend to bite it for 3-5 minutes after wearing the aligners every time.

Generally, no. However, we recommend to avoid the coloured food to prevent aligners from staining. Otherwise, we recommend to brush your teeth before wearing your aligners.

No. Your aligners should be removed for eating and drinking and put into the Case.

No. Gum will stick to the aligners. Further, your aligners will be worn and broken by the prolonged chewing. Other candies are prohibited while wearing aligners.
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