Refund & Return policy

123-Smile policies are customer friendly:

Our clinical team examines your eligibility questionnaire, your medical/dental history, your impressions, and pictures and approves your at-home aligners case only if they are confident of suitability and expected outcome. We will refund the corresponding entire aligners amount part if you are not eligible or a good candidate for the treatment prior to starting with the therapy.

Please note we do not accept impression kits returns for our patients’ protection and safety and there is no refund for the impression kit once it has been shipped to the patient.

In case you are an eligible candidate and shipped us your impressions but changed your mind about moving forward with the aligner’s treatment, you can request a treatment cancelation within 24-48 hours of placing the aligners order. Otherwise, cancellation request for a refund will not be considered once the aligners order has been processed.

Once the above aligners order has been processed, we do not accept returns. In case of loose or ill-fitting appliances, we will design and manufacture new aligners for you at no additional cost.

If at the end of the planned aligners treatment and having followed all specified guidelines the outcome does not look like the planned design, contact us for a finished case re-evaluation within the first 6 months of case completion. For this purpose, please do not disregard your last step aligners since we will require pictures of your teeth with them. If your re-assessment confirms that the treatment outcome does not look like the planned design, you may be eligible for additional aligners or refinement which may be required in at-home post aligner treatments.

The above refinement treatment including all the steps necessary, and an additional dental review has a charge of $200.

However, if after a case re-evaluation the clinical team assesses that the patient did not follow the guidelines, did not wear the aligners during the recommended hours, lost aligner sets or skipped steps, did not use the retainers or is requesting a case re-evaluation after 6 months of treatment completion, then refinement will not be granted due to the case will be considered as a new case from scratch.

All refunds will be processed within 7-14 business days after approval and are returned to the patient via the patient’s payment method. If you have any question regarding your impression kit, your aligners order, case re-evaluation or refinement eligibility please contact us at 123-smiles@123-smiles.com

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